About Us

Flexfit - Flexible to Fit your home flexibility in interior design suitable for all types of spaces to meet the needs of customers

Flexfit positioning is a retail package brand from design to production, installation and construction on a large scale. Our strength is made from industrial wood products - environmentally friendly, dominated by kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and lavabo. In addition, we provide other products for finishing apartments such as beds, wardrobes, shelves ...

Typical project

Flexfit's mission

Is creating flexible furniture products suitable for your family.
With experience in manufacturing and constructing more than 5000 apartments, we understand the design standards for Vietnamese families.


Flexfit strives to be a pioneer in the field of design consultancy, interior construction of reputable industrial wood products, marking in the hearts of customers, and creating a solid foothold on the domestic map. domestic furniture, followed by foreign markets.

Our 6 Core values

Flexfit's development path

Open a company
Opened the first
Showroom in Hanoi
Opened the second
Showroom in Hanoi
Receiving investment capital
of two Korean funds
Opened 2 Showrooms and
a second factory in Hanoi
Opening Showroom
and factory in HCMC

Scale production

Up to the present time, Flexfit has 3 factories with modern technology, large scale in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Machinery and technology are regularly updated and upgraded by Flexfit to enhance the speed and efficiency of production to meet customer needs. Flexfit is proud to be a unit capable of perfecting products with high quality and the highest commitment on after-sales service.

Our team

Flexfit owns a team of enthusiastic, creative, years of experience who are always ready to listen and advise customers on the best interior solutions. Customer satisfaction and trust is a great motivation to help Flexfit team constantly cultivate and innovate styles day by day. We will constantly improve, serve the best customers to always deserve that trust.

Our partner

Flexfit is proud to be a reliable partner of the world's leading furniture accessories brands, ensuring to provide customers with superior products and the best after-sales regime.